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The Service Culture Handbook

Every company wants employees who are obsessed with customer service. Discover what elite companies do differently. Learn how they engage employees to embrace a service cultures and deliver consistently outstanding service.

The book is a quick and entertaining read that draws upon profiles of successful companies, shares cutting-edge research, and provides practical tools and worksheets to guide you through implementing each concept.

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Visit The Service Culture Handbook website to download a free chapter.

Getting Service Right

Are you endlessly trying to improve your employees’ customer service skills, but getting so-so results? There may be a culprit that you’ve never considered.

Rather than offering another set of customer service tips, Getting Service Right takes a novel approach by rooting out the real reasons employees don’t consistently deliver the service they should.

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Visit the Getting Service Right website to download a free chapter.

Customer Service Tip of the Week

Thousands of customer service professionals from all around the world read the weekly Customer Service Tip of the Week email. Now you can get more than 52 of the most popular tips all in one book. Use these tips to build rapport, exceed expectations, and solve tough problems:

  • Select tips by category, by specific challenge, or just go in order.

  • Each tip includes a short explanation plus practical suggestions.

  • Focus on one tip per week to sharpen your skills over time.

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